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Everything that Everybody Ever does is a Request for Love

Yes, this is one of those quotes that has found a place in my psyche: "Everything that everybody ever does is a request for love." It comes from A Course in Miracles, not a book I ever managed to get into for various reasons, but this one statement struck a chord with me. It feels true to me. It makes sense to me.

At some point I really must go ahead and create a nice visual representation of it that I can hang in my flat somewhere. Why does it speak to me so strongly? I don't know if I can even articulate an answer to that. But I like the universal compassion it prompts in me. I see one of the key shifts in our human evolution as being a movement away from being reactive and towards being responsive. This is huge to me. And, for those who are not quite ready for it, it is something to resist. The right to be passionately reactive is guarded fiercely by those who don't want to give up their outrage.

Personally, I've had my fill of outrage. I'm just plum tired of it. Outrage becomes the justification for more outrage. It be one of those infective emotions (perhaps all emotions are inherently infectious?). I don't wish to witness something outrageous only to become outrageous in my reaction to it. This is fundamental to me.

So a quote that soothes my reactivity and nourishes my responsiveness is a balm to my soul.

Everything that everybody ever does is a request for love.


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