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I thought I would try being a YouTuber but it turns out that I don't have the temperament to produce regular content. I guess I'm just an irregular man who only wants to be creative when he actually feels it. These 15 Candigrams represent my attempt to be a creative factory line ...

CANDiGRAM#15 - The Age of Trump vs wetheuncivilised

The true story of a couple who hit the road in search of an alternative to the accepted mainstream consensus model of ... how to set yourself up to live in this world.

CANDiGRAM#14 - Shane Dawson vs The Mandela Effect

My attempt at a clickbait title to attract more viewers looks at why people are more interested in Shane Dawson than the Mandela Effect.

CANDiGRAM#13 - The Mandela Effect & The Red King

My own best hypothesis for the Mandela Effect at the time of making this Candigram.

CANDiGRAM#12 - ShillMaker - Staying Sane Amidst the Mandela Effect


Making a music video doesn't have to be a big deal.

CANDiGRAM#11 - The Uncoolest Mandela Effect Video Ever

A lot of time is spent describing the Mandela Effect and hypothesising explanations. But the mysterious nature of the Effect makes it difficult for us to talk about what, if anything, we should do about it. But I have an idea about that.

CANDiGRAM#10 - Are You Affected? A Basic Introduction to the Mandela Effect

My first attempt to make an introduction to the Mandela Effect was made hastily and was debunked almost immediately. Hee hee. This one is a little more stately :) x

CANDiGRAM#9 - The Great Mandela Effect Survey

My first Mandela Effect video. If you are unfamiliar with the Mandela Effect then I suggest you watch CANDiGRAM#10 first, which gives a basic introduction.

CANDiGRAM#8 - The Impossible Task

A filmmaker's dilemma: how to do justice to a big subject in a short space of time. This CANDIGRAM explores the difficulties I wrestled with in trying to make a film about a girl who had her skull kicked open by a horse. In looking for support in her recovery one needs to present the situation in detail, but in reaching out to an audience one also needs to recognize the "overload of worthy causes" that abounds.

CANDiGRAM#7 - The Tigmonk Interview


An interview I did with Tiger Singleton. Tiger has been sharing his insights on life and the nature of self, online for nine years. In the interview I question him about the differences between his persona when sitting in satsang or presenting his insights online and his persona when going about the rest of his day to day life.

CANDiGRAM#6 - Going Amongst Them


A mistake that budding creatives often make in their youth is to throw away their early artistic attempts out of insecurity. When I dig out a piece of music I recorded at the age of 17 and develop it further I see it as a collaboration between the experience of my older self and the inspiration of my younger self.

CANDiGRAM#5 - No Guru Talk, Please

A wee look at Tiger Singleton.

CANDiGRAM#4 - Can You Witness Violence And Not Become Infected By It?

This one may be too much for you to contemplate but give it a try.

CANDiGRAM#3 - Why Putting Your Heart Online Is A Good Idea

The third CANDiGRAM, asking what it means that so many people are creating their own YouTube Channels and baring their souls to the world.…

CANDiGRAM#2 - Why People Are More Beautiful Than They Realise

If loving ourselves is so important for the health and happiness of ourselves, our children and the world, what can we do when we find it seems impossible?

CANDiGRAM#1 - Just One of My Little Ideas

The first ever CANDiGRAM

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