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You Don't Know How To Talk To The 1%

The tone you adopt when you decide to communicate to the 1% is massively important. More massively important than any of you seem to get, because I don’t know a single one of you who has completely nailed it. A few of you might be out there, but I haven’t seen you yet.

The reason your choice of tone is so important is because choosing the tone of victim, even an enraged victim, means the end of your effectiveness from the start. You’ve sealed the deal yourself by identifying yourself as a victim.

The 99% are not victim, unless they say they are. The 99% are a force unto themselves. And the more unified in love they are the more that power is amplified.

And a person operating from that mindset does not speak to the 1% in the tone of somebody who is less-than, somebody who is afraid, somebody who is desperate. But as a Love Activist they don’t take the tone of an aggressor or critical parent either. They simply take the tone of a sane adult who already exists in their own life of adult sanity, and recognises the 1% as a member of their family and as a part of their self, just as any person working on personal self-development eventually learns not to reject their own shadow but allow it to be heard, seen and felt so that it may be integrated. This is the way of the Love Activist: to release judgement, condemnation and separation, and to embody acceptance and inclusion.

If you really wish to communicate to the 1% as a Love Activist (and doing it as a Love Activist is the most useful way of going about it) then you would do well to try doing it on their level, in words that they can understand, rather than talking down to them as somebody morally superior, or ranting/pleading up to them as a victim. For sure, they are dysfunctional people. But we all know dysfunctional people. We are them also! Dysfunctional people are still people, and we can talk to them in their own terms without losing our humanity (talking to them in your terms, of superiority or inferiority, means that they simply cannot agree with what you are talking about). For, ill as they may be, the 1% are as human as we. The brightest future this human species will ever hopefully manifest for itself is the one where the 1% are seduced to the Light Side by the sheer power of the collective love of the global population.

And how may they be seduced when they are forever being hated on?

Barring extinction, this seduction is what will happen, sooner or later. It’s the barring extinction bit that is critical. We, the 99%, tend to see that possibly inevitable event as being determined by the 1%: Are they really just going to go ahead and kill us all before we can stop them? It seems clear to me that the “barring extinction” part will actually be determined by us: Are we really not going to help them feel safe enough to know that they are a part of us, and there is a warm welcome waiting for their return? Are we really not going to do that before they kill us all, simply because we have cast them out from our family and wish only for their spirit to be crushed?

It is so easy for us to point the finger, despite every wise figure since the dawn of humanity telling us over and over to look first at ourselves.

We are evolving. The surest way to see this is to look at the generations of your own immediate family. Each generation takes the best its parents had to offer it and then tries to provide for its offspring what it felt it didn’t receive. So each generation becomes that bit more self aware than the previous. Look at how you relate to your children compared to how your parents related to you, and then compare that to how their parents related to them. In most cases you will see it. So, I repeat:

Barring extinction, this reconciliation of the human family is our eventual, inevitable destination.

At present we are in the meantime, and it’s time to come out of the mean time. And it is we, the 99%, who need to stop being mean, wake up, recognise our own power, and recognise the 1% as an estranged family member, sick with the lack of love, who can only be welcomed back into the fold when...they actually are welcomed back into the fold!

There is no imbalance in power between the 1% and the 99%. The 1% have the majority of the money, the 99% have the majority of the love. The 99% are as guilty (for want of a better word) of rejecting the 1% as the 1% are guilty of feeling rejected. But the 99% have fewer excuses, because its time for them to know better, to grow up, to share their love rather than withholding it and keeping it within a closed group (just as the 1% withhold money, their love substitute). In all likelihood the 1% are simply too sick from the lack of love to break that deadlock.

We are not.

It may seem a far away place to you, as you read these words – but we do hold enough love between us to discover the power, the strength, the incredible soften. To stand up and hold open our arms. It may feel counter intuitive to you, that discovering your own power and strength and force of vitality would lead to you softening! But of course it is so. Only it is more likely to happen the other way round: soften!...even if you feel weak...soften. Open up; open your arms. It is then that you discover the latent strength was always there. You just weren’t seeing it, feeling it, using it. It is after you have softened that you discover you already had the strength to do it.

So, from that place of softness and strength, love and power, I would like us to send this message to the 1%, speaking to them in terms that they can understand:

Hey, you 1%, if you really like the things you think you like, then you might seriously want to start considering sorting yourselves out amongst yourselves. If you’ve got people in your 1% Gang who are hell-bent on killing the human race en masse, then you’ve got people in your 1% Gang who are hell-bent on taking from you all the things you think you love. You know what those things are: they come as coins and notes and ever increasing numbers. The more sick-from-the-lack-of-love members of your gang are going to wipe all of that out for you. So do what you need to do to sort them out (you could even try doing it with love – it’ll probably be the most effective way...if you have the chops for it).

In the meantime, we are not coming after you. But we are coming for you. We’re coming for you with last. And there is a part of you that has been waiting for that for so long! You’ve waited so long you stopped believing it might ever be possible. And guess what! Not only can you keep the money you have got – we will give you all the rest too! If you want all of the money in the world we will give it to you, to hold onto for as long as you feel the need. We won’t be needing it. We’ll be too busy looking after each other, loving each other, feeling our collective power, the power of knowing we are loved and we are there for each other. One day, when you feel safe enough, you will notice that we softened in our attitude to you, that we let you have all of the toys that you wanted to play with, while we got on with caring for each other. At some point you will lift your head, sensing that something in the atmosphere has changed. You will see that the massive, massive gang who gave away their toys don’t actually feel threatening to you any more. In fact they are waiting for you to come and join in with them.

You’ve felt cut off, for all this time, from the thing that your insatiable appetite for money tries to compensate for the loss of. And we have it. We have it in abundance. And we will share it with you.

When both sides are ready.

This is the inevitable destination for all of us...barring extinction. Do you really want to take us there?

If you are so very terrified of us I would like to help you relax: Nobody’s going to hurt you. You will be the opposite of hurt. You will be healed. And you will finally discover the love that you always thought was missing. You will sing with gladness and shed tears of joy on the day you decide to put down the money and walk over to us. We’ll be laughing and crying too, because we will be healed too.

You know, it is actually possible that you could beat us to it! As unlikely as it seems, you could be the first to discover your strength from softening into love. You have as much strength as we do. Wouldn’t that be something?

Anyway, hey – in your own time. But you should seriously consider sorting that gang of yours out, or there won’t be a gang left for you to be in, because there won’t be anything left for anybody to be in. Some of you are so sick with the lack of love that self-immolation, taking everybody else with you, actually seems the most bearable option! And that is a truly painful condition to be in, that more of us understand than you might suspect. In truth we are all sick from the lack of love to some degree or other. So, funnily enough, the answer there lies in at least some of you discovering some love for each other. You’re a tight group. You’ve been through a lot together. So, those of you who know what I’m talking about: get together and see what you can do to help the members of your gang who are the furthest gone in their sickness-from-the-lack-of-love.

Time to wake up. And that goes for every single one of us.

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