An Outsider's View of the American Election

So, let’s see, what are the two options again? Trump becomes president and we gnash our teeth and wail laments until the end of time (which wouldn’t be long in coming, we all say), or Hilary becomes president and the world feels relieved, breathes a collective “Phew! That was a close one!” and goes back to work. PHEW! RELIEVED! Ha ha ha! Pure genius...we will all be relieved when Hilary gets in! Take a bow Mr Trump. I do not do politics. With a passion I do not do politics, because of the very scenario outlined above. And here I am writing a Trump piece! Damn, they’re so good! They got me! Oh, my goodness they are so very good! Hee hee hee! Look, I truly am the political idiot, the naive sim

Is Peace, Love & Enlightenment Boring?

Is peace, love and enlightenment boring? Well, let’s get real and to the point: it isn’t generally considered to be cool, that’s for sure. Indeed, the general perception of the population – that peace, love and enlightenment is so very, very uncool – can make the question itself feel frivolous, nutty and irrelevant. Ah, me, oh my...what a funny bunch we are. We hate suffering, we hate injustice, we hate violence and poverty and terrorism and corporate corruption; we hate so very many things. We hate hatred itself. And if asked if we would like to see a world in which the entire human race was filled with love, for itself and the world it lives on, most of us would feel compelled to say, Yes.

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