Is Click Bait Completely Evil?

Is click bait inherently evil? Am I a manipulative person? Am I patronising my viewers? All of this and more is up for grabs in this weeks exciting CANDiBLOG... This thing of starting an ongoing online presence on my chosen subject of Love Activism is, amongst other things, frightening me, especially since responses have started to come in. I’m laying myself open, making myself vulnerable. Of course I am. That is the only way this project could have any authenticity and credibility. And I’m sure it’s in the interactions, the discussions, between me and you, and you and each other, that the greatest potential of CANDiGRAM lies. And it’s good for me to keep reminding myself of that because, so

Why Today's Young Generation Is The Best One So Far

I was considering adding a category to CANDiLINKS titled, Genius, but pretty much everything in CANDiLINKS is sheer genius, so it felt kind of redundant and could have been confusing. But I did think it would be good to add a category about today's young generation, and I’ve a very good reason for this… One of the things that gives me the greatest hope when I look at my newsfeeds is witnessing the amount of young people who feel empowered enough to express their creativity online - singer songwriters especially, though certainly not exclusively. Through my partner, Niki, I have this great connection with her daughters, the wonderful and spectacular Lia and Freya, and through them and their t

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