The Pattern of Light & Shade

When asked what is the most important lesson life has taught him Ben Kingsley answered: "The pattern of light and shade." The simplicity and beauty of that response almost leaves me breathless.

Everything that Everybody Ever does is a Request for Love

Yes, this is one of those quotes that has found a place in my psyche: "Everything that everybody ever does is a request for love." It comes from A Course in Miracles, not a book I ever managed to get into for various reasons, but this one statement struck a chord with me. It feels true to me. It makes sense to me. At some point I really must go ahead and create a nice visual representation of it that I can hang in my flat somewhere. Why does it speak to me so strongly? I don't know if I can even articulate an answer to that. But I like the universal compassion it prompts in me. I see one of the key shifts in our human evolution as being a movement away from being reactive and towards being r

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