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CANDiLINKS - Creativity

For me, the definition of Art is: "creative self expression". We do it naturally and continuously all our days. We are all artists.


Click on the YouTube watermark to see them in their full-size glory

Strandbeest Evolution

The work of Theo Jansen.

Candylion - Gruff Rhys

The morning after I launched this CANDiGRAM website I put the radio on and this song came on. It could be the surrogate theme tune for this site :) x

Tree Change - Fashion Doll Makeunders

There are too many ingredients in this wee film that I could go on about. Seriously...

Joey Alexander

So can somebody explain to me, with authority, why or how this young boy is able to do this? Because I would love to hear that explanation, and I suspect it would be a beautiful thing to hear.

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