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ian moore

Changemaker. Love Activist. All round Creative: filmmaker, music maker, writer, visual artist. My big themes are creative self expression, the nature of existence and the evolution of humanity's collective consciousness. You can read my bio HERE (soon - I haven't actually written it yet).

What I get up to on Social Media


I have friends who took one look at social media and immediately decided they would forget it existed. And I do appreciate that reaction.


But such a missed opportunity!


Social Media, like a brick, is a tool: you can bonk somebody on the head with it, use it as a paperweight, turn it into a piece of art, throw it away, or you might even use it towards building a house. It's not a question of what it inherently is, it's a question of what you use it for and how you go about it. And that is a question for your imagination.

Even if you do not believe that you are up to the task of creating worthy content that the world could benefit from, you can still use Social Media to SHARE the inspiring content of others. That in itself is hugely potent!

We can all be promoters of the world we would like to see, and through social media our promotions can reach untold numbers.

Something else I would like to see happen is for all changemakers everywhere to put the word "changemaker" into their profiles on whatever social media platforms they use, so we can all find each other!

CANDiGRAM on facebook

My Social Media starting point. Connecting with other people is a given. But this may be the best place to go if you'd like to take part in a CANDiGRAM discussion: Go to the facebook page (click on the image) and Like it. The next step is to click on the Liked button and turn the notifications on. This brings the connection to life, makes it active! Me, you and all the other CANDiGRAM Changemakers can meet there, hang out and generally change the world.

CANDiGRAM on pinterest

At the time of writing this I am freshly new to pinterest. I'm discovering it's a great place to achieve that wonderful double-whammy: gather all of the inspiring content that you love in one place, and then find even more of it. The first pinboard I have started is one for Changemakers, of course. I feel impatient! I want to make it bigger and bigger and bigger! So ... go to it, look at it, follow it, and tell me who you think I have missed out.

CANDiGRAM on YouTube

Put your video on YouTube, put a link on it that helps people find you and connect with you. Promote it a little, then forget about it and move on to the next. It will remain there. As you create more you create a story of your own journey and development.

CANDiGRAM on Medium

If you like writing then put your writing someplace that people who like to read go. If you like reading then go to a place where the most interesting writers are sharing space and ideas with each other.

CANDiGRAM on Films For Action

Every social media platform is a mini community within the greater community. If people who are passionate about pop culture can find each other in their millions then why not people who are passionate about creating a sane, healthy and beautiful world? Be proactive. Go looking for the people who share your cares.

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