July 29, 2016

So, let’s see, what are the two options again?

Trump becomes president and we gnash our teeth and wail laments until the end of time (which wouldn’t be long in coming, we all say), or Hilary becomes president and the world feels relieved, breathes a collective “Phew! That was a close one!” and goes back to work.


Ha ha ha!

Pure genius...we will all be relieved when Hilary gets in! Take a bow Mr Trump.

I do not do politics. With a passion I do not do politics, because of the very scenario outlined above. And here I am writing a Trump piece! Damn, they’re so good! They got me! Oh, my goodness they ar...

July 27, 2016

Is peace, love and enlightenment boring?

Well, let’s get real and to the point: it isn’t generally considered to be cool, that’s for sure.

Indeed, the general perception of the population – that peace, love and enlightenment is so very, very uncool – can make the question itself feel frivolous, nutty and irrelevant.

Ah, me, oh my...what a funny bunch we are. We hate suffering, we hate injustice, we hate violence and poverty and terrorism and corporate corruption; we hate so very many things. We hate hatred itself. And if asked if we would like to see a world in which the entire human race was filled with love,...

June 4, 2016


Yes, I didn’t meet my deadline this week. No CANDiGRAM video for you today, just a blog post, and a late one at that. I have decided my policy of releasing content every Tuesday (video one week, blog the next) is unrealistic, and counterproductive in that it leads to me rushing. More than that, it brought me to an insight…


Though I talk the talk of, “Don’t see fulfilment as something that is away over the horizon in some unseeable future,” I found myself in the past few weeks walking the walk of, “I need to compromise my today in the hope of achieving a fulfilling tomorrow.” In other words I lost sight of a...

May 24, 2016



The tone you adopt when you decide to communicate to the 1% is massively important. More massively important than any of you seem to get, because I don’t know a single one of you who has completely nailed it. A few of you might be out there, but I haven’t seen you yet.


The reason your choice of tone is so important is because choosing the tone of victim, even an enraged victim, means the end of your effectiveness from the start. You’ve sealed the deal yourself by identifying yourself as a victim.


The 99% are not victim, unless they say they are. The 99% are a force unto themselves. And the more unified in...

May 10, 2016


At the time of writing this I have one Patreon supporter. She came into my life a week ago.


This was about a month after I launched my online project, CANDiGRAM and I actually didn’t realise she existed for a few days because the notification from Patreon went into my junk folder and sat there utterly neglected. It pained me to think that somebody had pledged to support my work and hadn’t received so much as an acknowledgement from me so I immediately sent her a brief but effusive thank you message. When I got home later on that day (it was late in the evening and whatever I had been doing that day had tire...

April 26, 2016

Is click bait inherently evil? Am I a manipulative person? Am I patronising my viewers? All of this and more is up for grabs in this weeks exciting CANDiBLOG...


This thing of starting an ongoing online presence on my chosen subject of Love Activism is, amongst other things, frightening me, especially since responses have started to come in. I’m laying myself open, making myself vulnerable.


Of course I am.


That is the only way this project could have any authenticity and credibility. And I’m sure it’s in the interactions, the discussions, between me and you, and you and each other, that the greatest potential...

April 12, 2016

I was considering adding a category to CANDiLINKS titled, Genius, but pretty much everything in CANDiLINKS is sheer genius, so it felt kind of redundant and could have been confusing. But I did think it would be good to add a category about today's young generation, and I’ve a very good reason for this…


One of the things that gives me the greatest hope when I look at my newsfeeds is witnessing the amount of young people who feel empowered enough to express their creativity online - singer songwriters especially, though certainly not exclusively. Through my partner, Niki, I have this great connection with her...

March 10, 2016

When asked what is the most important lesson life has taught him Ben Kingsley answered: "The pattern of light and shade."


The simplicity and beauty of that response almost leaves me breathless.



March 10, 2016

Yes, this is one of those quotes that has found a place in my psyche: "Everything that everybody ever does is a request for love." It comes from A Course in Miracles, not a book I ever managed to get into for various reasons, but this one statement struck a chord with me. It feels true to me. It makes sense to me.

At some point I really must go ahead and create a nice visual representation of it that I can hang in my flat somewhere. Why does it speak to me so strongly? I don't know if I can even articulate an answer to that. But I like the universal compassion it prompts in me. I see one of the key shifts in...

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