You Don't Know How To Talk To The 1%

The tone you adopt when you decide to communicate to the 1% is massively important. More massively important than any of you seem to get, because I don’t know a single one of you who has completely nailed it. A few of you might be out there, but I haven’t seen you yet. The reason your choice of tone is so important is because choosing the tone of victim, even an enraged victim, means the end of your effectiveness from the start. You’ve sealed the deal yourself by identifying yourself as a victim. The 99% are not victim, unless they say they are. The 99% are a force unto themselves. And the more unified in love they are the more that power is amplified. And a person operating from that mindse

The Joy Of Having A Fanbase Of 1

At the time of writing this I have one Patreon supporter. She came into my life a week ago. This was about a month after I launched my online project, CANDiGRAM and I actually didn’t realise she existed for a few days because the notification from Patreon went into my junk folder and sat there utterly neglected. It pained me to think that somebody had pledged to support my work and hadn’t received so much as an acknowledgement from me so I immediately sent her a brief but effusive thank you message. When I got home later on that day (it was late in the evening and whatever I had been doing that day had tired me deeply) there was a reply from her waiting for me. I gazed at it through a weary

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