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My vision for CANDiGRAM is this:


I give freely and keep CANDiGRAM ad-free so anybody can come here, watch the CANDiGRAMs, read the CANDiBLOGs, download the music, view the CANDiLINKS and never feel they are being harrassed by the dreaded clickbait.


In turn I receive freely. Those of you who appreciate what I'm doing and feel that philanthropic impulse can go ahead and contribute when you download my music. But if you don't want to contribute please don't let that stop you from downloading the music for free. I'd rather my music be heard by many people and me never make a penny than only have a couple of folk ever hear it.


You may even decide to become one of my Patreons, donating an amount of your choosing each time I create a CANDiGRAM. Those of you who do - I really appreciate it and feel humbled. Thank you. Those of you who don't - hey, just thank you so much for coming here at all and contributing your time and energy! Your engagement is precious to me.


So, in this way I hope to (eventually) earn a sustainable living by doing something that I love: creating an online space that people want to come to, where they feel safe and inspired, and free of that feeling of being hustled for money.


Thank you so much. If you haven't subscribed yet please consider it. Being on the mailing list will not be an uncomfortable experience. I'll just be letting you know when I create a new CANDiGRAM or post a CANDiBLOG. My aim is that these will become things that perk you up when they appear in your inbox, like a wee CANDiTREAT that you've been looking forward to. I'll be doing my best to ensure that every CANDiGRAM I make, every CANDiBLOG I post, every CANDiLINK I discover, is something worthwhile, something to be savoured and celebrated.


Alrighty then! Let's get on with it!

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