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CANDiLINKS - Human Condition

How do you feel about being human? How do you feel about all of these other humans? Can you be at peace with your condition?


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A Stroke of Insight - TED Talk

Jill Bolte Taylor, brain scientist, talks about her own experience of her own brain on the occasion that she had a stroke. This is one of those true classic TED Talks and it shows how vastly contrasting views and experiences of the world are open to us human beings.

The Street Store

Are you For Giving or For Getting?

Stephen Jenkinson - Die Wise

This guy has worked in palliative care for a long time. I guess that kind of thing can get a person thinking.

Nina Simone - To Be Free

At first she can't describe what it means to be free. And then she can.

Money & Fame are not the Answer

If I finally get what I always thought I wanted, only to discover that it doesn't bring me the happiness or satisfaction that I thought it would, then I'm left with a very interesting question: What actually is it, that I truly wish for?

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