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Foundational Truth Videos


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On Love thumb2.jpg

23. On Love

Tree Thumb.png

24. There is a Tree

My 3 Great Horrors 2 thumb.jpg

27. My 3 Great Horrors

Re-Theming Terraforming Mars.jpeg

30. Terraforming Self

THAT Place thumb 720.jpg

33. When You Are

In THAT Place

What He Fells thumb.jpg

36. What He Fells

On His Return

Valerie thumb.jpg

39. Listening to Valerie

Skimming Heaven thumb.jpeg

42. Skimming Heaven

Declaration thumb.jpg

45. Declaration of

The Coherent

What Is It You Believe thumb.jpg

48. What Is It

That You Believe?

Most Unpopular thumb.jpg

51. The Most Unpopular

Man In The World

Redefine thumb.jpg

54. Redefining Our Terms

Truth Unavailable.jpg

57. What To Choose

Mystery & Love 1080.png

25. Lie Culture

User Manual

World Is Tarot thumb.jpg

28. Why The World

Is All Tarot

Inherent Badness Within thumb.png

31. The Inherent Badness Within Humans

It's OK 720 thumb.jpg

34. It's OK

How You Guys Help Me thumb.jpg

37. How You Guys

Help Me

No Doubt Child thumb.jpg

40. No Doubt Child

Baffled thumb.jpg

43. How To Be Baffled

By The Simplest Thing

49 Speaking The Future thumb.jpg

46. Speaking The Future

Into Existence

Acceptance First thumb.jpg

49. Acceptance First,

Then Coherency

Somebody thumb.jpg

52. Somebody Is

Going To Believe In Me

Man Solves Existence thumb.png

55. Man Solves Existence Then Claims He's Jesus

58 Divine vs Eternal thumb.jpg

58. The Divine Vs.

The Eternal

Jesus Timeline thumb.jpg
Details of Karma thumb2.png

26. What Would REALLY Happen?

29. The 'Details' of Karma

Degrees of Submersion thumb.png

32. Degrees of Submersion

Beloved Stained Robes thumb.jpg

35. My Beloved

Stained Robes

Alchemy thumb.jpg

38. What Is Alchemy?

Too Endemic thumb.jpg

41. When It's Too Endemic

I Am Jesus thumb.jpg

44. I Am Jesus

How It Is thumb.jpg

47. How It Is

Why Christians Won't.jpg


Won't Recognise Him

Treasure of Understanding.jpg

53. Treasure of Understanding

56 Why The Devil.jpg

56. Why The Devil

Invented God

59 How Do You Score thumb.jpg

59. How Do You Score?

Holosphere thumb.jpg

60. What Is

The Holosphere?


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