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Poetry & Prose

Get to know my mind. Take a dip into my creative writing. All Public Domain.

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Parade of Incarnations

A splurge of poetry from me that took place over a few years in my twenties and was then more or less forgotten until I uncovered the big red notebook recently.

The monodreme

A fantasy sci-fi young adult novel.

What happens when one person on the planet can make anything happen just by willing it? And, even worse, what happens when that somebody is a teenage girl?

The Wizard In The Wood

Despite this being Volume 3 of my unfinished 6-part fantasy epic, The Master Changes, and despite it being a first draft with some minor sections incomplete, it's still a good standalone read.

Be warned though: it does get very dark and adult in places. It has given a few readers nightmares.

The Master Changes

7 short comicstrip scripts based on some of the characters from The Wizard in the Wood. Apart from the first one, these scripts are not illustrated. I live in the hope that one day a Bernie Wrightson or a Jamie Hewlett will feel compelled to do the honours.


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