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Foundational Truth


Here is the story of how I discovered Foundational TruthThe materials below are presented in chronological order [except for the Images section] so that you may track my progress.


The Proof Trilogy

A Confession on a Theory of EveryThing


The Proof Trilogy is my lecture on The Nature of Existence in which I present myself as the first person in human history to have such a thing as a coherent Foundational Theory.


1: Proof of NoThing

How Non-Physical Truth is the Cause of all Physical Effect.


3: Proof of EveryThing

How Metaphysical Effect plays out.


2: Proof of SomeThing

How Physical Effect plays out at the cosmic scale.

MP3 & Images.png

An MP3 of the voiceover for Proof of EveryThing and Images from the Trilogy.


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FT 2 Videos.png
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What Does

‘No Resistance Either Way’


To take this optimal position of: No Resistance Either Way …


It is no big deal … no great achievement of technical proficiency.


The … Central … Core … Position … of No Resistance Either Way is …


Whatever the Real Truth may be …

Let Me know as much of it as I may.


Let Me know the … optimal amount.


And let Me learn … from … the Foundation out … rather than trying to reverse-engineer what We came up with before We had our Foundation.


And learning it from The Foundation means … learning it fromMy own inside … out.


Honesty … Self-Honesty … the essence of it is: Zero Resistance Either Way. And all it amounts to, basically, is:


Let The Truth Be What It Is …

and Let My Response Be My Own.


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