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Creative Output


As an artist that is aware of Foundational Truth I am naturally aware that the optimal attitude of the artist is to release their creative output into the Public Domain immediately on completion ... so that it may be used and developed further, by those inspired by it. This ... declining of possessiveness ... is a bigger deal for Us than it might at first seem.

I release all of my creative output into the Public Domain as a matter or course ... a matter of ... 'Of course!'


CO 1 Celebrating Self.png

The Celebrating My Self Series

Nobody was celebrating me ... so I decided to do it myself. A 6-part video series.

CO 3 Songs.png

Songs & Music Videos

Some of my songs and music.

CO 2 Poetry & Prose.png

Poetry & Prose

1 small book of poetry, 2 fantasy novels and 7 short comicstrip scripts.

CO 3 Strange Fictions.png

3 Strange Fictions

3 film dramas from a humble home hobbyist.


We Never Wake

In The Dream there are 3 ...

3 kinds of Dreamer:

The Nightmare Dreamer,

The Day Dreamer

and then there is

The Lucid Dreamer.

The Night Dreamer lives in fear.

The Day Dreamer lives in hope.

The Lucid quickly learns

if it has to be forced

then it won't.


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