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The Proof Trilogy

A Confession on a Theory of EveryThing

You're tired of the minds of others ... ever since

the day that you finally discovered:

We are doomed to live together

In this time and place we must call Forever.


The Proof Trilogy is my lecture on The Nature of Existence in which I present myself as the first person in human history to have such a thing as a coherent Foundational Theory. A Foundational Theory is the thing that all of our existing theories hope to reach towards the discovery of. A Foundational Understanding of reality at its very simplest and primary level is ... funnily enough ... the very thing that has proven hardest for us to identify.

That is funny, isn't it? ... That the thing we are looking for is ... by definition ... the simplest possible of all phenomena ... the one that has to be so simple that it even can apply to all other levels of complexity?

Our most advanced ... meaning: most complex ... branches of science do not claim to have a Verifiable Foundational Theory for How, Why and What Existence is. They are all just ... getting by the best they can.

All of our most advanced scientific and philosophical theories are, by definition, highly complex ... the very opposite of ... What The Actual Truth Absolutely Has To Be At The Foundational Level.

This is pure Logic.

If you know your theory is difficult to understand then you already know your theory has no Foundation.


It is safe to dedicate yourself to full witnessing of all the Truth this page leads to because the overarching and conclusive message of it all turns out to be that: You really only need to dedicate yourself to ... your own eternal self ... not as some kind of doctrinal requirement but as a courtesy - the simplest and sweetest of courtesies - to that part of Your Own Self that requires ... Truth.

Dedicate yourself to Full Witnessing of where this page leads You [including the YouTube link at the bottom] ... and what at first appears to be a random collection of small art pieces that span one man's life will reveal itself to be a coherent and singular artwork that contains and expresses the deepest and highest Truths to ever be expressed ... by this man ... right here, like this, now.

Do yourself the simple courtesy.

Yes, it will take a certain degree of sincere dedication on your part. It will require a diligent degree of Your Attention. And so? It's the Truth. And nobody has actually told you that for as long as you can remember. Yes, you will need to concentrate somewhat ... It's a cognitive shift ... but it's really not that bad ... because it is all based at, and in, the simplest levels of The Truth of Truth.


In Proof of NoThing we identify the all important:

Truths That Cannot Not Be True

These are ... after all ... the only possible phenomena that one even could take as a Foundation. Proof of NoThing explores the concept of: Truth as Phenomena. It is only ever Truth that can be ... Cause ... nothing else even remotely makes sense. If you do not have underlying Truths for whatever your Foundation is then what is it exactly that your Foundation stands on? It's as simple as that.


Proof of SomeThing speaks to the:

Living Unified Field...

... that is emergent from the simplest Truths which forbid it from ... Not Existing. Proof of SomeThing seeks to look at phenomena such as Gravity, Magnetism and the Aether from the opposite direction taken by established science and philosophy ... the simplest level ... not ... the bottom ... but ... the centre ... the centre of simplicity ... the actual Foundation we look so hard for with increasingly complex and impenetrable approaches. You see how funny that is, yes?


Proof of EveryThing is where Science & Spirituality are at last Unified ... Reunited ... after a long time apart ... relatively speaking. Proof of Everything has answers for the scientist, the spiritualist, the occultist, the religious, the truth-seeker/conspiracy theorist and the common or garden human being who is just trying to live a life that makes sense and is satisfying.

The Proof Trilogy presents a Foundational Theory that ... works. This has never been seen before in Human History. And a Foundational Theory that works can only be the actual Truth because no other theory than actual Truth can work.

An MP3 of Proof of EveryThing's Voiceover free from background music.




1. Proceeding From Lies To Truth [MP3 - 17:35] shows that ... Knowing The Truth is ... For Everybody.

The Benchmark is Hard & Pure but it is Not High

Any understanding of reality that cannot be understood by the people living it is effectively useless.


2. Goal of Lie / Nature of Honesty [MP3 - 9:40] shows that the goal of Lies is Control while the Nature of Honesty is the Acceptance of the Uncontrollability of other People and other Things.

Where then does the Control of The Honest lie?


3. The Magic Trick of Making CoHerent Choices [MP3 - 15:28] shows that Honesty works, not because of a distorted morality concept but, because the functioning of Reality is nothing more than The Functioning of Truth. To ignore this is to make a Choice ... one that does not and will not function as You would wish.


4. Am I Really? [MP3 - 7:38]

Am I Really Who I Say I Am?


5. My Definitive Judgement on You [MP3 - 9:51]


Are you any good or not?


Shall we just clear this up once and for all?


6. Corruption Culture & Conspiracy Culture [MP3 - 09:09]


When is Corruption a Conspiracy and when is it simply our accepted and agreed upon culture?


7. Not Knowing What You Are Subscribing To [MP3 - 10:13]


When we subscribe to mainstream, consensus thinking ... we don't even know what it is that we are subscribing to.

Solving The Mysteries.jpg

8. Solving the Mysteries of Science for the Scientists [MP3 - 21:12]


Sean Carroll presented what he considers to be 3 unsolved mysteries of physics in one of his lectures. I solve them here ... not to show how clever I am but to highlight where physicists go wrong.


9. The True Nature of Faith [MP3 - 21:55]


There is Blind Faith and then there is Faith based in Knowing. So ... what is it that you know?


10. The Difficulty of The Easy [MP3 - 11:00]


Why there is no point in you getting angry at me for saying you are already in Heaven.

MP3s Continued Without Editing Software

Due to system failure and loss of software I won't be able to produce new MP3s to the same standard as above. But it's still my voice, still my words ...

11. The Insecurity of The Eternal



All images here are Released into Public Domain by Ian Moore 2020

Quality of Existence.jpg
Quality of Existence.png


We Never Wake

In The Dream there are 3 ...

3 kinds of Dreamer:

The Nightmare Dreamer,

The Day Dreamer

and then there is

The Lucid Dreamer.

The Night Dreamer lives in fear.

The Day Dreamer lives in hope.

The Lucid quickly learns

if it has to be forced

then it won't.

Get to know my mind. Take a dip into my creative writing. All Public Domain.


Parade of Incarnations

A splurge of poetry from me that took place over a few years in my twenties and was then more or less forgotten until I uncovered the big red notebook recently.

Click the image for a free PDF download or go to to buy a paperback edition.


The monodreme

A fantasy sci-fi young adult novel.

What happens when one person on the planet can make anything happen just by willing it? And, even worse, what happens when that somebody is a teenage girl?

Click the image for a free PDF download or go to to buy a paperback edition.


The Wizard In The Wood

Despite this being Volume 3 of my unfinished 6-part fantasy epic, The Master Changes, and despite it being a first draft with some minor sections incomplete, it's still a good standalone read.

Be warned though: it does get very dark and adult in places. It has given a few readers nightmares.

Click the image for a free PDF download or go to to buy a paperback edition.


Some of my old songs. Unless otherwise stated these are all pre-2020. Please feel free to use these Public Domain tracks in your own video projects or in anyway you please. They belong to all of you, including any lyrics, compositions and arrangements.


Going Amongst Them:

Spoken Voice by Tiger Singleton


Funny Man:

with Simon Pemberton's help.


Just Cos I'm Beautiful:

With Alan McLaughlin


River Flower:

With Rob Blackwell


Bad Dad:

Written, Performed & Produced with Alan McLaughlin


EveryThing NoThing:

[Recently updated - 2022]

Additional vocals & lyrics by Nathan Mansfield:


Whiting Out: Additional vocals by Lia Lewin Read & Freya Lewin Read

Looting for Playthings:

Lorenz Gramann

on guitar.


New Song [2022]


New Song [2022]

New Song [2022]


New Song [2022]

More Back Catalogue Songs

Due to system failure and loss of software I won't be able to produce new videos, images, music, etc. for the foreseeable future. Here are some old songs and tunes I have been able to access ...

Safe From Dust

Blue Bell

Going Back

Mirror Sym

Me & My Ego



My computer has recently gone kaput, along with all of the software I have been using for the past 8 years to edit video, images and music, ... so no more new creative output from me for a while. I would very much like to see more of my songs get the Lyrics Video treatment so if any of you creative types out there feel inclined ... I'd love to see what imagery you came up with.


Forgiveness Breaks All Spells

I have no use for shaming;

The past is not a wound to me.

I release it to the winds of change;

Without its gift how would this present be?

You are safe with me;

I know I am safe with you.

We've already been there and back again.

Let it be time for something new.

Now I'm here I'm here for Now,

All we may be, all we may do.

How can I be angry at a past

A past that brings me You?

I'm here for the meadow

From which the Spring wells.

I'm here for your smiling heart;

Forgiveness breaks all spells.


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