Yes, we are Already Ourselves



CANDiGRAM exists to do the following 3 things:


1. Promote Love Activism as a default mode for living life.


2. Encourage us all to fill each others’ social media newsfeeds with inspiring and uplifting content.


3. Encourage us all to feel ok about expressing ourselves creatively.


Imagine a world population that is loving, enlivened and expressive.


There are three places to go here.


In CANDiGRAMS you will find my video logs: the most constructive, uplifting (and sometimes challenging) content I can come up with.


In CANDiLINKS you will find the most constructive, uplifting content created by other people that I have found online and gathered together in one place so that there is always somewhere to go to be enlivened and inspired.


And in CANDiBLOG I talk about both, what they mean to me and why we might care.



This video is the first CANDiGRAM, "Just One Of My Little Ideas,"

and explains what this is all about...