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Yochai Benkler (Harvard University) - Closing Remarks

This is a dry talk. The content is, I believe, very useful, but it's probably going to be of most interest to people who are proactive in their changemaking and are trying to make sense of how to structure their activities, organisations, businesses in a way that sidesteps both hierarchy and profit margin marketeering.

Charles Eisenstein

In this 9 minute edit of one of Charles' talks he gives a general introduction, but I especially like when he starts talking about "ordinary" people making their contribution.

Noam Chomsky

For somebody who does not have a political head (that's me) this half hour interview can feel dense. But Noam Chomsky's quiet yet powerful integrity helps me feel sane in the face of the corporate world. There's lots of footage of him on YouTube which I am going to be watching.


Rupert Sheldrake

I love it when people are willing to be clear and honest thinkers. It requires a faith in ones personal experience in the face of a horde of people telling you something different. It also requires a willingness to question your own conclusions, not because of popular opinion, but simply from humility and respect.


Russell Brand

The thing that I appreciate about Russell the most, even above his cleverness and funniness, is his honesty. He says what he thinks and gives the impression of being utterly unapologetic about who he is, and I like that.


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