May 10, 2016


At the time of writing this I have one Patreon supporter. She came into my life a week ago.


This was about a month after I launched my online project, CANDiGRAM and I actually didn’t realise she existed for a few days because the notification from Patreon went into my junk folder and sat there utterly neglected. It pained me to think that somebody had pledged to support my work and hadn’t received so much as an acknowledgement from me so I immediately sent her a brief but effusive thank you message. When I got home later on that day (it was late in the evening and whatever I had been doing that day had tire...

April 26, 2016

Is click bait inherently evil? Am I a manipulative person? Am I patronising my viewers? All of this and more is up for grabs in this weeks exciting CANDiBLOG...


This thing of starting an ongoing online presence on my chosen subject of Love Activism is, amongst other things, frightening me, especially since responses have started to come in. I’m laying myself open, making myself vulnerable.


Of course I am.


That is the only way this project could have any authenticity and credibility. And I’m sure it’s in the interactions, the discussions, between me and you, and you and each other, that the greatest potential...

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July 29, 2016

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